• Which benefits does frozen kebab have?

    All food has a limited shelf life and is no longer edible once the best before date has expired. Thanks to the shock-freezing method applied by us (freezing at an input temperature of -40 °C to a skewer core temperature of -18 °C), frozen kebabs can be stored for several months, retaining their taste and flavour. If the skewer is mounted on the spit in a frozen state, it remains frozen at the core even when exposed to high temperatures during the all-day broiling process. This prevents an increased formation of bacteria and therefore the risk of meat going off. This has been confirmed by laboratory analyses. For this reason, we recommend mounting the kebab on the broiler while it is in a frozen state.

  • How long should the kebab skewer be broiled for?

    Laboratory analyses have confirmed that microorganisms in kebab products are inactive as of 85 °C, as is also the case in other food. We therefore recommend cooking the kebab well before consumption to prevent damaging the health of immunocompromised persons and children.

  • How long can I store a frozen kebab skewer in the freezer (at -18 °C)?

    For at least 12 months provided the cold chain is not interrupted.

  • What needs to be taken into account between the time the kebab skewer has been mounted on the broiler and when it can be consumed?

    First of all, mount the kebab skewer on the kebab broiler and let it thaw for approx. 15-30 minutes at a low temperature. This can be followed by the actual broiling process. This ensures that the underlying cut surface of the kebab chunks is well-cooked when cut.

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